Sheri Ann Richerson

Getting Started With Organic Gardening

In this course you will learn: How to build healthy organic soil When to plant seeds or established plants as well as when to direct sow How to simplify garden maintenance Natural methods of pest control


How To Grow Tropical Plants

Growing tropical plants - also known as houseplants - indoors is fun and enjoyable plus many of them clean the indoor of pollutants. It is easy to grow exotic looking plants that produce tropical fruit and colorful flowers in a pot in your living r


Edible And Useful Plants You Can Grow

Do you want to grow a garden that is not only beautiful but also practial? Then this course is for you! In it I cover a variety of both cultivated plants and wild plants that grow in your garden regardless of if you want them there or not!


Preserving Herbs For Winter Use

Do you love growing or buying fresh herbs, but wonder if there is a better way to preserve them, especially for winter use? Do you wonder if there are other ways to use herbs than just as seasoning? Then this course is for you!


How To Make An Herb Garden Gift

Learn how to make one of three herb garden gifts - a Mason Jar Trio, a Decorated Clay Pot Trio or an Herb Garden Advent Calendar - which is ideal for homeschool families as well as gift giving.


How To Make Holiday Cookies

Learn how to make four popular kinds of holiday cookies - sugar cutout cookies, snickerdoodles, molasses crinkles and hoiday gumdrop cookies. Plus get tips on how to make them turn out their best!